Auditions for New DM's for D20's New expanded space.

by D20 Games

We’ve moved down the street (1502 Park St, in Alameda) to a location that is 3 times the size, mostly to allow us to become an event/rpg heaven. We are open while we build out, but already have two of what will likely end up as 4 dedicated RPG rooms. We are going to expand our existing afterschool and adult programs to include holiday and full summer programs.

Our core reason for being is to provide a safe place for people to get to connect and thrive face to face with each other. This philosophy is core to the kind of games we run and the paths we make for our players. We are looking for people who come naturally to that.

We are already doing kid, grown-up, and what is becoming one of the favorite, parent/kid D&D. Our future is going to depend on us having wonderful RPG experiences and we know where that starts. So we are starting to hold auditions to add to our collection of truly great DM’s. We are particularly on the lookout for those with strong affinity/experience working with both kids and/or neruo-spicy folks.

To Apply  and be ready to:

  • Send in a 5 minute video of you in action
  • Provide 3 references from people that you have DM’d for
  • Provide proof of LiveScan
  • Be ready to run a one shot for our evaluation players.

We are looking for two types of DM’s. People who are doing it as a beloved advocation, and would love collecting a mass of store credit to be able to get all the D&D goodies they want without having to justify spending the $$, and actors, teachers, etc who have a great skill that they would like to turn into additional income.

We want people who are going to be around for a while because they love doing this. From a compensation point of view, we do store credit based on the number of players for those who want to do it that way, and will be looking to add employees, or do contracting gigs for the others. If you can help us make $$ to keep the store thriving and do good for the players, we want to make it so everyone does well.


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