Time Spiral Remastered Booster Box (plus bonuses)

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     D20 Bonus (Cause that's how we rock).  One Double Masters Booster Pack(value $18.99) and one Japanese War of the Spark Booster (value $8.99)

    Available for pickup 3/19/2021

    Each card in Time Spiral Remastered comes from the three sets in the Time Spiral block. Every booster pack contains a card from a bonus sheet, select cards originally printed with the modern Magic frame now returning with what we're calling the retro frame treatment. Built beginning from the original frame files for Magic, these cards flip Time Spiral's "the past returns" convention on its head—and delight players like me who love the throwback Magic look

    The story of Time Spiral block includes many characters, but the most important was the return—and planeswalking sacrifice—of Teferi that played out through the namesake release and its additions: Planar Chaos and Future Sight. Packed with flavorful callbacks to Magic's earliest days alongside dozens of mechanics, it created a rich, complex Draft format

    (source Wizards of the Coast.  https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/card-preview/its-time-time-spiral-remastered-2021-02-25)


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