Strixhaven Home Sealed Platinum Loot Bag

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    2 Prerelease kits and one Booster Box +

    Each Bag contains: 

    • Two Prerelease Kits 
    • Two  "prize packs" (hey, everybody is a winner with us..)
    • Two cardboard "league" boxes
    • One Set Booster Box (30 pack boosters with two rares each)

     D20's recommendation for maximum fun per pack:

     Do the usual sealed event with the two prerelease kits, but after you are done, keep those cards together.  Then every few days, each person gets one new pack to open up to use for their card pool to build decks.  Each pack then becomes not just about the rares you get, but what each card in the pack can do to help you build something new to beat the other player(s).  Keep this going for anywhere from 2 weeks to a month and it will keep being surprisingly fun. 


      - $199.99

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