Release Phyrexia 2HG 3PM
Magic: The Gathering

Sealed event using the prerelease kits from the latest Magic release. Players can get their boxes of 6 packs to open and build decks 1 hour before play time. 3 round event; win a round, win a pack. Lands are provided for use. We pride ourselves that no one here will make you feel unwelcome.

Entry fee is $30 in advance and $35 at the door.

Who’s it good for:

  • Buddies
  • Sweeties
    (couples…either where both play, or the significant other is looking
    for a nice, no-pressure way to share something the other person really
  • Parent/Kid combos (or big sibling, etc)  Kids get to be
    the smart ones for once, and the parents get to see what this is about
    (and get a great date with their kid)

About Two Headed Giants

Parent & Kids playing two-headed Giant
Parent & Kids playing two-headed Giant
Parent & Kids playing two-headed Giant

giants are a team Magic the Gathering event. Teams usually comprise of
buddies, parent/kid combos, and a lot of couples.  Both players play
together, sharing a life total, showing each other their cards,
consulting with each other and playing at the same times.  Because of
that it is both great social fun, and probably the best way for a new
player, or someone who is just curious what their buddy/kid/or SO likes
so much about the game to get a chance to try without feeling any
pressure to know all (or any) of the rules.  Think of it like tandem
skydiving…you get all the fun, without having to worry about when to
pull the rip-cord.
is particularly great for Moms or Dads who want to have a really cool
date night with their kids. This event is a GREAT way for parents to
figure out what this thing the kids are doing is anyway, and for the
kids to get a chance to be the ones who know what is going on for a
change. ;-)Because you play as a team and can help each other out, the
kid gets to be the smart one for a change, and the parent gets to play
without needing to worry about “doing it wrong”. Also…kids love having
their mom or dad help them try and beat another team.)

Each player (head) gets a prerelease kit and shares them with their partner
to make two 40 card decks, one for each player . You’ll have plenty of
cards to use to make interesting decks with that number of packs, and
the cards you open are yours to keep.  Teams play 3 matches against
other teams (since the team starts with 30 life instead of twenty, it is
a single game…they usually last anywhere from 25-50 minutes.) If you
win a round, each team gets two prize packs.  If you lost, you will most
likely be paired up with someone else who had the same type of night,
so it tends to balance itself out.

D20 tends to be a friendly
place to play, and the Two-headed Giants are particularly so.  We have
great players who take pride in making other players feel welcome and
remembering that it’s a game, its played for fun. 

Win a round, win a Pack per player


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