Pandemic: In the Lab

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    In Pandemic: In the Lab, the second expansion for Pandemic, you will use a new game board that allows you to move the pawns in a laboratory. The goal of this activity is the same as in the base game – finding cures for diseases – but this time in a new way. Behind sealed bio-hazard doors, scientists race against time to sequence diseases, take samples, and test cures.

    Pandemic: In the Lab includes four new roles, new Virulent Strain events, and a Worldwide Panic Mutation scenario. Players can compete individually or on rival teams (when playing with four or six players). Can your team work together in the lab to save humanity?


    • 4 new role cards, with matching pawns
    • 3 new event cards
    • 1 lab board
    • 5 cure vials
    • 14 sequence cards
    • 2 revised role cards with lab abilities
    • 5 lab actions reference cards
    • 1 CDC card
    • 3 wooden team research stations
    • 14 awards
    • 8 goal cards
    • 10 bonus cards
    • 2 virulent strain epidemic cards
    • 12 purple disease cubes
    • 2 mutation worldwide panic cards

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