Mystery Metal Set of 7 Metal Dice

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    Have the Mettle for Mystery Metal? Within this bag is one of ten sets of Forged Dice Co Metal polyhedral dice. Its color and chroma await discovery by only the boldest. Do you possess the fortitude to take a chance? If so, share the spoils of your #mysterymetal gamble by hailing us on Facebook and Instagram @frogeddice today!

    QUALITY:  Sets are top quality first runs NOT second run or old unwanted sets.  Each die is individually bagged to protect from damage  

    MYSTERY:  Roll the dice!  Do you have the mettle for mystery metal?  Each bag contains 1 of 100 possible sets

    IN THE BAG:  Each bag contains a full set of polyhedral metal dice; D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D% all the same style and color.  No mixed dice.  You'll get one complete matching set

    FUN:  Sealed in a black bag with the Forged Dice logo you wont know what your getting until you open the bag.  Take a chance and see what amazing set you'll get

    VALUE:  Each set is valued at a minimum of $30.  Get lucky and find one of our high end sets valued at over $50

    - $32.99

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