Modern Horizons 2 draft booster pack

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    Modern Horizons 2 is the second Magic set to skip Standard legality and aim straight for Modern. Inside are new-to-Modern cards, with a mix of new cards and reprints that will become Modern-legal for the first time.

    The set is full of cards that build up favorite Modern strategies, create new ones, and bring plenty of flavor to matches where Modern cards are legal.

    Highlights of the Draft Booster contents include:

    • 1 Rare (including the five enemy fetch lands) or mythic rare
    • 1 New-to-Modern reprint card (uncommon, rare, or mythic rare)
    • 1 in 3 Boosters will contain a traditional foil card of any rarity*
    • 1 Token card/ad card

    *The traditional foil card possibilities will include all the cards from the main set of Modern Horizons 2, the showcase sketch cards, the retro frame cards, and the borderless rares and mythic rares.

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