Dominaria Remastered Draft Booster Box

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    Draft Boosters are for Limited formats, like Booster Draft and Sealed Deck. They're the classic Magic booster pack - 15 cards from the set designed for a balanced Draft experience, plus an ad card or token.

    Each Dominaria Remastered Draft Booster Box contains 36 Dominaria Remastered Draft Booster Packs.

    Dominaria Remastered Draft Booster Pack contents:

    • 15x Magic: The Gathering cards
    • 1x Token/ad card
    • 1 Retro-Frame card of any rarity + 1 Retro-Frame Land in every pack
    • Wield the power of the past with reprints spanning 27 different MTG sets throughout Dominaria's history
    • 33% of packs contain a traditional foil card

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