Three Cheers For Master

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    Master Has Been Blue, Lately! It`s just not the same now that all lands known to evil have been conquered. When Master`s blue, it`s the minions who suffer. As a lieutenant in Master`s army a foreminion it falls to you to cheer him up. Not the easiest task, even in the best of times. But then it hits you: What better way to cheer Master up than a cheerleading competition? Whichever foreminion builds and scales the most impressive tower of war-hungry minions will surely win Master`s heart. What could possibly go wrong?

    A Tower of Minions: Gameplay Basics

    In Three Cheers for Master, each player works to build a tower of minions to impress Master and avoid certain death. There's just one problem — the minions won't stop fighting!

    Some minions attack. Others have shields. Still more have special abilities, like heavy minions that crush anyone underneath them, or flying minions who don't fall when those underneath them are taken out.

    Plan your tower carefully to keep your minions alive, and play on your opponents' towers and watch them fall. (Maniacal laughter is optional.)

    Who can build the best tower and avoid Master's wrath? Find out in Three Cheers for Master!

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