Fri 7:00 Draft Prerelease Commander Legends Baldur's Gate
Magic: The Gathering

Draft event using the 3-pack prerelease kits from the latest Magic: Commander Legends release. You get to keep your special prerelease foil and can use it in the draft, but it doesn't count as a pick. You take two cards from a pack at a time. Draft uses Commander rules, so you must only use cards that are in your commanders' colors, and your deck size is 60 instead of 40, but draft is also Limited, so you can use as many copies of any card as you have copies of that card in the draft. This set is made to be drafted by way of the Background mechanic, which allows you to run two mono-color commanders both in the command zone (one with Choose a Background and the other which is a Background), so you are not necessarily limited to only one color.

We provide the basic lands. Like all Commander limited environments, there is a special card that you can run any number of copies of even if you didn't draft it, which ensures you are always able to run your colors even if you didn't pick up a single commander, and we also provide that card. Please return your basic lands and Faceless Ones after the draft.​  

Entry fee is $25 in advance and $30 at the door.

Everyone gets one prize pack


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