Ikoria Diamond Loot Bag

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    Our Diamond loot bag, Ikoria style

    Each Bag contains: 

    • Four Ikoria Prerelease Kits (29.99 each)
    • Two Ikoria "prize packs" (hey, everybody is a winner with us..)
    • One Ikoria Booster Box (119.99)
    • Ikoria Box Topper Promo (plus Bonus Random Buy A box promo)
    • Exclusive Godzilla King of the Monsters Extended Art Foil card!
    • One Ikoria Bundle ($42.99)
    • One Ikoria Collectors booster Box ($249.99)*   Sold Out
    • Sub-Modern Masters 2017 Booster box
    • One Random Anthology Set ($100-250 in value)**
    • 4 Sets of Dragon Shield Limited Edition Art Sleeves ($10 each)
    • One Ultra Pro Milled wooden Commander Deck box ($49.99)
    • Sub-From the Vault Lore ($59.99)
    • Plus mystery goodies.

     $720-880 in value.
    *If these run out, we will substitute Mystery Box or other Master's packs or boxes of equivalent or greater value. 


    - $549.99

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