Streets of New Capenna: Where Family Means Business

by D20 Games

Wealth. Power. Prestige. Offers you can't refuse. You can find it all on the streets of New Capenna - as long as you watch your back.  The latest Magic set, Streets of New Capenna, is filled with 3-color goodness (or badness in this case) in the form of five feuding crime families:

    "Information is Power"

    "Crime is an Art Form"

    "Always Finish the Job"

    "Fun isn't Free"

    "Read the Fine Print"

Each of these five families is headed by a powerful demon lord, offering you power in exchange for your loyalty. But beware: there is always a price to pay in the Gilded Age-inspired city of New Capenna. Each family offers its own unique and powerful mechanic. The question is - whose side will you choose? 

Upcoming Events

This weekend and next, we have a plethora of sealed events using the prerelease kits from the new set. Players can get their boxes of 6 packs to open and get to build their decks starting 1 hour before each event.  New Capenna is a faction set, so you will get one of the five faction kits. Faction kits have 5 normal 15-card packs, 1 random exclusive promo foil rare or mythic rare from the set, and a special 15-card faction pack which you can only get in the prerelease kits. We provide the basic lands, so you don't need anything more to play.  We pride ourselves that  no one here will make you feel anything but welcome (we all started from scratch at some point).  

All events are sealed using the prerelease kits.  Make your best decks and win a pack, win a round.   If we have enough players to accommodate both, we will also have competitive prize pools for the 10AM sealed events. (Competitive prize pools mean more chance to win lots of packs if you do very well, but more rounds and the chance to win no prize packs if you don't. Better for more expert players.)

The prerelease and release events are great chances for players who haven't gotten a chance to play in person to come to a friendly, fun event where everyone is starting from scratch and no one knows much more than anyone else yet.  We recommend if you are new, or you have a friend who is new, to play in the Two-Headed Giant events, which are two-person team events. So long as one person in the team knows how to play, you can both have fun without any pressure to know the rules right away.

Masks and vaccination cards are required. Players must be 12 or older.

Set Info

Streets of New Capenna is set in a magical city reminiscent of the 1920's Gilded Age, centered around five three-color crime families. Each family is headed by a powerful legendary demon don, and each comes with its own unique mechanic, which reflects their theme and fantasy:

  • The creatures of the devious Obscura can connive, which allows you to draw, then discard cards and grow their creatures to put yourself in a more advantageous position.
  • Discerning Maestros spells can have an optional casualty cost, which allows you to sacrifice your underlings - sorry, your loyal creatures - to copy your instant and sorcery spells.
  • Rough-and-tumble Riveteers creatures get the job done quick and dirty with their blitz costs, which gives them haste and lets you draw a card when they die, but requires you to sacrifice them at the end of the turn.
  • Sociable Cabaretti cards bring everyone to the party - they trigger their alliance effects whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control.
  • Finally, the disciplined Brokers offer your permanents shield counters - counters which prevent one instance of damage or destruction, and are then removed.

Streets of New Capenna comes with a host of new and decadent variants to bring a gilded feel to your collection. The full list of variant cards is available here. The full list of all cards is available here. The set also comes with a number of special, exclusive new legendary creatures available only in set and collector boosters, themed in the popular Innistrad plane. A full product overview of the set is available here.

Set booster boxes are $139.99. They contain 30 set boosters and one exclusive premium full-art box topper. We will take $20 off for preorders ($119.99). Only events and preorders are available until Friday 4/29, when all Streets of New Capenna products will be available.

Finally, for you Commander players out there, there are five new Commander preconstructed decks that have been released alongside the set. each representing one of the five crime families. Their full decklists can be found here.

We hope to see you soon for the release of Streets of New Capenna. If you have what it takes, we promise we can make it worth your while.



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